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Fly Me to the Moon


Let me explain this in the best way possible. One of my favorite things about Bayonetta is the music. It just contrasts the action so much that it goes together with it amazingly. There was one song I kept getting stuck in my head and every time it came on in-game I got pumped. I wasn’t to familiar with the song, I didn’t even recognize it. Then about two weeks later I decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion again. At the end of the first episode the ED started and the song sounded strangely familiar. I then realized it was the same song as in Bayonetta, just a different artist singing it and a bit slower. To me this was a great discovery and just one of those moments. I’d imagine that I always skipped the ED of Eva out of wanting to just get on to the next episode and continue watching. This then led me to further research the song, where I then found out it is a “classic” that has been performed by tons of famous artists. Originally it was written by Bart Howard in 1954 and first appeared on record in 1956 recorded by Johnny Mathis. Now I normally wouldn’t care or be overly interesting in something like this, but I really enjoy the song. Every iteration is different, in speed and tempo, but they all have that unique feeling of the song. I just thought I’d share with everyone and see if they have heard of the song.

Bayonetta’s version of Fly Me to the Moon

Evangelion’s ED version of Fly Me to the Moon

Utada Hikaru’s version of Fly Me to the Moon

Johnny Mathis’s version of Fly Me to the Moon

Julie London’s version of Fly Me to the Moon

Nat King Cole’s version of Fly Me to the Moon

Which is your favorite version of the song?

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  1. 02/12/2010 11:59 PM

    So many versions! I think it was in MGS3 too.

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