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Atlus Announces Persona 3 Portable and Release Date


Atlus announced today that Persona 3 Portable will be hitting U.S. shores this July 6, 2009 on the PSP.
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Personal Update – Looking Back and Forward


Okay, so here is a quick update about the blog and life in general. I’m still busy as hell with work and school, but I’ve been trying to get some posts in as often as possible. I just changed the theme around, it is very simplistic and I can say didn’t take much effort, but it works for the time being (I will update it as soon as I get the time).
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Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray Volume 1 Pre-order on Amazon


The upcoming U.C. Gundam OVA based on the 10 novel series of the same name, Gundam Unicorn, is being released simultaneously worldwide on March 12, 2010. It planned to be a six part OVA series, with each OVA running around 60 minutes.
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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Review


With the games being released on March 14, 2010 in the U.S. I truly feel the need to review my Japanese import versions of the games along with the included Pokéwalker peripheral. These are the first games I have imported, so there are of course downsides to this, which I will discuss, but in the end the games are remakes of classics I grew up on, remember well, and loved.
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Gackt – RE:BORN

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Wow, I guess I have really fallen off the boat. I had no clue that Gackt was releasing a new album, let alone it was released over two weeks ago! I’ve been a fan of Gackt for I guess 4 years now, I just haven’t been keeping up with him as of lately GLADIATOR Evolution was nice, I really enjoyed the remixed singles from the past, and the new song Jesus, which appears on this new album RE:BORN. It just felt like I was only getting rehashes of songs I have already easily listened to over one hundred times. I suppose I stumbled across this new album while browsing Wikipedia. Immediately I downloaded the album. That feeling of something you have been waiting for for over a year, didn’t even know was coming out, then finding it is great. I guess blogs and news sites ruin that feeling, but having no anticipation or the feeling of waiting for something, then unknowningly realize it has been released is pretty damn exciting. After listening to the entire album, I really like it. It seems to have the classic Gackt song feel to it, with some more heavier and faster songs. The sound quality is excellent too. It is nice to see some new material while Gackt is busy with acting and all other sorts of projects.
This might be the first new album I have downloaded and listened to in a few months, it is refreshing to switch it up. Real quick, songs that left a good first impression are Suddenly and My Father’s Day. So far I can’t say there is a song I don’t like, it feel like a solid 13 song album. I can say that I am getting slightly annoyed with Jesus though, I didn’t like the song a whole lot to begin with on Gladiator, and not much has changed it seems now.

My Father’s Day w/ slideshow

Final Fantasy XIII Announcement Friday – 11/13/2009


According to the Final Fantasy XIII website a special announcement will be made regarding the game on this Friday, November 13, 2009, at 3:30PM.
Can’t wait to hear what it is, whether it be the North American release date or something completely else.
View the countdown clock here.

An Update


Wow is all I can say, I haven’t updated the blog in over a month and a half, but I have had so much to write about over this time. I didn’t forget about the blog, I just have had some higher priorities and other things I have been doing. I haven’t watched any anime in probably four weeks, and the sad part is the same thing happened last year at this time too. I guess between school, work, and video games I haven’t had the time I want to watch anime and write some posts.
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