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Personal Update – Looking Back and Forward


Okay, so here is a quick update about the blog and life in general. I’m still busy as hell with work and school, but I’ve been trying to get some posts in as often as possible. I just changed the theme around, it is very simplistic and I can say didn’t take much effort, but it works for the time being (I will update it as soon as I get the time).

Big happening in December! I got accepted into Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont for their Game Programming program. I applied for Early Decision because it was hands down my top choice. I can’t wait for school to start in August, it should be a great experience.
I started snowboarding this past month with my brother. He has been doing it for years and is extremely talented at it. I tried it a few times when I was younger, but wasn’t crazy about it. Now that I am going to Vermont for school, I figured why not give it another shot? Well I’ve gone twice so far, and I can say I love it. It is a lot of fun, and is a good way to go out and bond with my brother and friends. I even bought my own board last week off of Ebay. It is a 2009 Nitro Team 155, I am yet to try it out yet due to inclimate weather yesterday. I will soon though!

Anime wise I caught up to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood a few weeks ago and have been keeping up with it. It is getting really intense, I can’t say which series I prefer more (not that it matters), but I am enjoying it just as much as the first. I also started watching Kimi ni Todoke, which I planned on from the start, but finally got around to it. What inspired me to get my ass moving was that I picked up the first volume of the manga and really found the story sweet and the art was funny to boot. I really like Kazehaya and Sawako’s characters. I am currently at episode 5, so still a little behind. I finished Welcome to the N.H.K., finally. I then started to rewatch Trigun since I bought all six Remix volumes over the summer. I pre-ordered the Gundam Unicorn volume 1 Blu-ray and Eva 1.11 Blu-ray this past week, but other than that things haven’t been to crazy anime wise.

I picked up a few volumes of manga at my closing Waldenbooks book store for 50% off, I haven’t gotten around to touching most of it yet, but there is no rush.
The day before New Year’s eve I also got some Star Wars novels, manga, and picked up the Bayonetta pre-order bonus poster collection.

Then on January 5th I picked up Bayonetta for the PS3 when it was released. I have only gotten to play it for about 5 hours (beat the first 7 chapters) and I can say it is pretty good. It has its flaws with load times, screen tearing, and confusing story, but it is just damn fun to play. Hopefully I will have more to write about it as the time comes.

I feel like I have exhausted myself Pokémon wise for the next few months until the U.S. release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Over the past week I easily put 50 hours into the games and now find myself wanting a break. In Soul Silver I finally defeated Red, beat the Elite 4 the second improved time, and caught all the Legendaries I could. The time spent with the games is enjoyable, but can feel overwhelming at times and obsessive. Just to throw it out there, January 30 – February 12 at all U.S. Gamestops is the Pikachu colored Pichu distribution event. It isn’t anything too crazy, but will be useful come March 14 when Heart Gold and Soul Silver are released (or for me and any other importers the day the event starts) because the Pikachu colored Pichu is used to unlock the Spiky-eared Pichu in the Ilex Forest. I won’t spoil any back story to it, but it is worth getting. Also any importers, don’t forget you can download the Champ Path for the Pokéwalker now for a limited amount of time via Wi-Fi.

Since I need a break from Pokémon, and I have a ton of titles I want to play, I need to decide to start somewhere. I am thinking I will start with Persona 3: FES. I spent around 10 hours with it when I first got it, but since then I haven’t played it and I am lost. I will most likely start a from scratch with a new game and see how it goes. I feel like I need to play and beat P3:FES before I start Persona 4. I also will try to play some more of Bayonetta too, I am not sure how engulfed I will get though (not that I have too, I just want to enjoy it).
January is usually a pretty decent month in the year, things start off with a few good game releases and there are a ton to look forward too. At the end of the month Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is being released on the Wii, early February will see the release of both Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and White Knight Chronicles on the PS3, and March will bring Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, and Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. That actually seems a bit crazy! We’ll see how it goes and what I pick up, most likely all of them though. A definite goal of this month and upcoming year is to post more consistently. I always feel like I have so much to do and write about, but just end up feeling overwhelmed and then don’t do any of it. Things should be slowing down at work too so I will have more time to do what I enjoy, but getting paid isn’t too bad either. 😉

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  1. 01/19/2010 7:07 PM

    Life is busy. ^^;

    Grats on your acceptance to the Game Programming program. I went into Computer Science initially because I wanted to create games, but all our projects have been for random stuff. It’s nice to have a program that focuses specifically on games.

    • Brett permalink*
      01/20/2010 9:23 AM

      Thanks! I definitely wanted something geared towards gaming, but I’m sure an experience is a good thing.

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