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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 24


Another enjoyable episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. Episode 24 focuses around the fight between Gluttony, Envy, Ed, Al, and Ling. It doesn’t seem light much happened though.


The episode kicks off with a scene between Envy and Marcoh. It is explained why the homunculus are keeping him alive, in order to kill everyone in the country. The episode then shifts back to the deserted cabin where Gluttony was being held captive, then in a fit of rage escapes his bindings. A fight insues, but Mustang’s wounds aren’t completely healed, so he must leave the fight early with Hawkeye and Ran Fan.


Ling, Ed, and Al continue the fight. A scene occurs between Bradley, his wife and his son, where it is hard to believe that he is a homunculus due to his position as leading the country and father. In the battle area scenes of the episode Envy eventually shows up, and she tells Gluttony that he isn’t allowed to eat Al or Ed, but can eat Ling. This leads to a short, but well done battle between Ling and Envy, where it appears that Ling is kicking his ass. Suddenly Gluttony appears and sucks up everything in the area when he has the chance. However, Edward jumps in to save Ling, and in order to not lose a sacrifice, Envy tries to save Edward. Well it ended up worked out the worst way possible for all three of them. They are all sucked up to some unknown place covered in blood. I am assuming this is somewhere inside of Gluttony, but I can’t be to certain.


Back to useless Mustang and his plotting to rule the country. He is trying to get support from anyone he can, so he goes to see General Raven. He mentions to Raven that there have been rumors floating around that Bradley is really a homunculus. Mustang is brought before his superior officers and King Bradley himself to explain such rumors. Mustang seems speechless, and Bradley is pissed. The episode ends with all in a blood drenched area with skeletons. I can’t imagine what will happen next with both plot elements!


In the end this episode was just okay for me. It introduced more plot, and a look at Bradley some more. The battle with Gluttony wasn’t anything to outrageous, but I did enjoy seeing Ling fight more. He is surrounded by mystery, but he is sure after discovering how to become immortal. I wonder why? To my Ling is just so interesting because he wasn’t included in the original series, so he is someone new and completely fresh for me. Hopefully the show can keep up this run of episodes that keep me sucked in and wanting more. They have been doing a great job so far.


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