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Cross Game – 25


Seishu is up against Sannou in episode 25. Sannou did their homework though, and they are ready to take down Seishu with some thoughtout strategy.
Things seem to start off bad for Ko, as they let up one run in the first inning. However, it is revealed that Ko wasn’t pitching at his full ability in order to practice fielding. Now that Ko is pitching for real things are going to get real interesting.


It was kind of odd for the episode to end right in the middle of a game, I mean in reality not much happened in the first half of the episode (I guess I am just impatient;)).
Lately things have been picking up for Cross Game. It is showing its true colors, and I’m really enjoying it.


I guess today was just a day of Cross Game. Watching this series is always enjoyable for me, even if it is a little slow at time. My only gripe would have to be questionable minor character designs. Some of them look just ugly, but at least we won’t be seeing them every episode.:| Overall though, average episode, nothing to spectacular. It leaves you wanting to see what happens, which is always a good feeling.

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