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Cross Game – 24


Seishu Academy plays their first game against West Kiri. The stands are full and the cheerleaders are present, but who wins the game?
It turns out that Seishu 10 runned West Kiri in 5 innings, utterly destroying them. Seishu has reason to celebrate, for getting their first official win, but there are definitely tougher matches to come.


However, this match is only the second half of the episode. Episode 24 starts off with some of the Seishu team members scouting out other potential teams. Some of Azuma’s ex-teammates at Seishu re-appear, one being an errand runner for a huge team and the other playing for a small team of 12. I guess Azuma’s choice to stay at Seishu was for the best, but we’ll have to wait and see.


In the middle of the episode Ko goes shopping for a piece of jewelry. It isn’t revealed who is buying it for until after he purchases it, but I think that most viewers knew it was for Wakaba. It turns out that Ko has a box that contains all of the gifts Wakaba wanted for her birthdays over the years (shown on a list she made for Ko). I just thought that this was so sweet. I know that Ko still cares about Wakaba and thinks about her, but this was just above an beyond, in a good way. It would have been Wakaba’s 17th birthday, and she asked for a sparkling pendant.


Skipping ahead to after Seishu beat West Kiri, Ko is shown playing catch with Aoba until past sunset. The episode ends with Ko telling Aoba to not give up on baseball. I felt pretty emotional watching this, like I was filled with hope. That reason is exactly why I enjoy this series so much.


At one point Azuma states to Aoba that “Ko is such a mystery.” It is exactly how it is. His character is so much deeper than it appears. He is thoughtful, as shown by the box of gifts he continues to buy for Wakaba. Little by little the mystery that surrounds Ko is being revealed. It really makes him a likable character in my opinion.
Cross Game continues to keep it up with consistently good episodes. I’m still excited to see what happens next.

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