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Cross Game – 23


Episode 23 picks right up in the middle of the Satomi vs. Ouka match. Aoba’s true potential really shines in this episode baseball wise. This episode easily satisfied my wants for baseball.
In the middle of the match Aoba switches from center field to pitcher and things start to turn around quicky. Aoba is able to strike out Ouka’s 4th batter, and she is able to ruffle Sawa-chan, Ouka’s ace. Team Satomi is able to catch up, being down by only one run.In the end Satomi didn’t pull through, as Ouka’s 4th catches Aoba’s fly to right field, thus ending the match.


There isn’t much to say about this episode. It was a welcome display of baseball, and Aoba’s colors shine. At the end of the match Aoba is respected by both teams, and is given an offer to try out for Japan’s female team next year. I am real curious where things go with Aoba, whether is joins a female league or sticks with Ko at Seishu.


While not much happens other than half of a baseball game, it was a rather enjoyable episode. It is hard to believe the show is approaching its halfway mark already!

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  1. 09/20/2009 6:30 PM

    This baseball game is totally badass — I’d even say it is the best game we have seen so far. I love all the strategy Aoba employs to help Satomi get one up on Ouka. She really shows that she can succeed with her brains in addition to her amazing skill. I would bet my life that Aoba will be an amazing baseball coach one day.

    Also, I got WAY too into the game. When Aoba picks off that one Ouka player, I was like, “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!” and I booed lustily when the umpire called a strike I disagreed with. lol

    • Brett permalink*
      09/20/2009 6:35 PM

      Haha that’s great, I think/hope there will be better games to come in the future! It should get real good.:)

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