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Peaceful Respite – Moving Out


Peaceful Respite
Please, check out my new blog. It isn’t as much of an anime focused blog, but a more general focused one. I grew tired of having “anime” in the name of my blog, along with it’s title. I feel the new title and focus more suite me. I will of course feature any anime related things I see fit, but there is a chance it will be largely video game related because that is what I spend a majority of my free time doing. It seems like a very silly reason, and maybe false motivation to update and blog more often, but what can I say, I really do want to blog, it’s just being comfortable with where I am at.
See you space cowboy.

Favorite Fake Anime Theme Song


Bayonetta Criticism Essay


Here is an essay I wrote on Bayonetta to give insight on how I felt about the game. Read more…

Fly Me to the Moon


Let me explain this in the best way possible. One of my favorite things about Bayonetta is the music. It just contrasts the action so much that it goes together with it amazingly. There was one song I kept getting stuck in my head and every time it came on in-game I got pumped. I wasn’t to familiar with the song, I didn’t even recognize it. Then about two weeks later I decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion again. At the end of the first episode the ED started and the song sounded strangely familiar. I then realized it was the same song as in Bayonetta, just a different artist singing it and a bit slower. To me this was a great discovery and just one of those moments. I’d imagine that I always skipped the ED of Eva out of wanting to just get on to the next episode and continue watching. This then led me to further research the song, where I then found out it is a “classic” that has been performed by tons of famous artists. Originally it was written by Bart Howard in 1954 and first appeared on record in 1956 recorded by Johnny Mathis. Now I normally wouldn’t care or be overly interesting in something like this, but I really enjoy the song. Every iteration is different, in speed and tempo, but they all have that unique feeling of the song. I just thought I’d share with everyone and see if they have heard of the song.
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Currently Playing: Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International-


I live in NJ, who just got hammered on Wednesday with a big snow storm! The biggest in a few years if I remember correctly. This lead in to two snow days in a row, then piggybacking off those two snow days is a four day weekend for President’s Day Weekend. So in total I have a six day weekend. 🙂 On Tuesday I knew that there was a possibility of this happening, so I picked up Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- for the PS3. I played the Xbox 360 version last year for about 5 hours and never really touched it again. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the game, the battle system was fun and the characters were interesting, but I didn’t have enough time to really play and enjoy the game (there were some problems though, like the English voice acting, 3-discs long, and CG portraits and menu style). It turns out the PS3 version fixes mostly all of the problems in the original, there is a choice of menu style (CG or anime), Japanese of English voices, the game is on one Blu-ray disc, and there is a bunch of different text language options. I’m roughly 8 hours into the game and further than I was with the Xbox 360 version. The Japanese voices are less annoying and much more pleasing to listen to. I love the look of the characters in the anime portraits whether in the menu, during conversations, or in battle. It just looks more in place in my mind. This release of the game is definitely the definitive version of the game. I’ll keep playing as much I can, hopefully I can finish it before Final Fantasy XIII comes out.

Mega Man Zero Collection Announcement


Set to come out on April 22, 2010 for 3,990 yen in Japan. This is a great price for what you’re getting. The collection contains all the Mega Man Zero games, 1-4. It should be fun, I missed out on the Zero series.

Over on the Capcom-Unity blog it was announced that the U.S. will be seeing this game in the Summer of 2010, thank you Capcom, should be great! Hopefully it retails for 30.00 USD or cheaper, I trust Capcom with these things. They seem to do a great job with release dates and prices. Thank you Capcom!

Capcom-Unity Q&A with Niitsuma-san


Today, Capcom-Unity held a live Q&A with Niitsuma-san, the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom producer, where he answered a ton of questions on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom via Ustream. There was of course a translator, both the translator and Niitsuma-san seemed like pretty nice guys. Basically how Ustream works is, someone is live-streaming video from their iPhone or webcam and anyone can watch the video, and if you join the website you can chat live with other people and the video host (I first discovered this from Danny Choo and his streams, so I had an account). So the translator and Seth Killian picked questions that people in the live chat were asking. I asked a few questions, and I got two answers. It ended up running for around a half-hour. I’ll try to put the question asked and the general gist of the answer given from what I remember.
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Atlus Announces Persona 3 Portable and Release Date


Atlus announced today that Persona 3 Portable will be hitting U.S. shores this July 6, 2009 on the PSP.
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Personal Update – Looking Back and Forward


Okay, so here is a quick update about the blog and life in general. I’m still busy as hell with work and school, but I’ve been trying to get some posts in as often as possible. I just changed the theme around, it is very simplistic and I can say didn’t take much effort, but it works for the time being (I will update it as soon as I get the time).
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Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray Volume 1 Pre-order on Amazon


The upcoming U.C. Gundam OVA based on the 10 novel series of the same name, Gundam Unicorn, is being released simultaneously worldwide on March 12, 2010. It planned to be a six part OVA series, with each OVA running around 60 minutes.
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